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מעצבת פנים בירושלים, עיצוב דירות קבלן, עיצוב בתים פרטיים, עיצוב דירות קטנות

Interior Design Jerusalem -

Apartment in Ramat Denia

After drifting between numerous rentals, the owner purchased this spacious apartment in an old 1960's-era building. Keeping the original architectural style in mind, we chose Terrazzo floor tiles, giving the space a colorful twist. Removing interior walls resulted in a large and open living space, a spacious kitchen with a large island and counter space, a pantry, master bedroom suite, lots of storage and more fun features. Photo gallery >


Originally built when the owners were a young couple with small children, now that everyone has grown up, the house needed a shift. We divided the first floor, creating a separate unit for the eldest daughter, a university student, that could also be rented in the future. The remaining area functions as a flowing living-dining-kitchen space, with a place of honor for the huge buffet - a family heirloom, at the heart of it. Photo gallery >

Interior designer in Jerusalem, Home remodeling
מעצבת פנים בירושלים, עיצוב חדרי אמבטיה, עיצוב דירת קבלן

Interior Design Jerusalem -

Bathroom in Baka

A colorfully chic, bohemian design gives a modern twist to this bathroom in an authentic Jerusalem Baka home. Photo gallery >


Interior Design Jerusalem -

Retirement apartment in Arnona

This home owner downsized into a small apartment in the city to be close to her grandchildren. Through a meticulous process, quality pieces of furniture with sentimental value were chosen to be the base of the apartments design. A large library was constructed to accommodate her many beloved books and careful thought was put into the display of special items collected throughout the years in order to give the place a familiar, warm and homey feel. Photo gallery >

עיצוב פנים לגיל השלישי, עיצוב דירות קבלן, עיצוב חדרי אמבטיה, מעצבת פנים בירושלים

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